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Healthcare Equipment inc.

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KN95 Protective Mask Anti-bacterial Outdoor Face Mask Anti-fog Anti-fog Haze Unisex High Efficiency Filtration Breathable Mask
  • Anti-smog comfortable mask, breathable and comfortable, stylish mask.
  • The product uses a four-layer filtration system, which can effectively isolate harmful substances such as dust and bacteria.
  • The product adopts ergonomic design to effectively fit the human face curve.
  • The product uses a metal nose clip, and the adjustment mask fits the face.
  • The inside of the product is made of soft non-woven fabric, which is skin-friendly and soft.
This product is comfortable to wear and has an excellent filtration system. It can be used in daily outdoor protective masks.

Forehead Infrared Thermometer digital

  • Fast Deliveried: We will deliveried the Thermometer Gun 7-14 days. Our Forehead Thermometer Gun with CE and FCC ROSH Approved.
  • High accuracy: measurement deviation ≤ ± 0.2 degrees. Fast: Measurement time <1 second. Measurement Distance: 3-5cm. Easy to use: One-button measurement for easy operation. Non-contact, no contact with human skin.
  • Intelligent: Health Indicator and alarm colors for monitoring the health of the baby all the time.The value of the memory data indicates the early measurements. The products without battery.
  • Safe: Compared to mercury thermometer, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury. It is totally safe for children to use.
  • Widely Use: Widely use in school or family, suitable for baby, infant, kids, children, adult, pet, etc.

Pulse oximeter

  • [Light and portable]: small size, no space, easy to carry, can be hung on the body
  • [suitable for the crowd]: ventilators, oxygen generator users, pregnant women, white-collar workers who often travel and work overtime, or people who like fitness
  • [HD large screen display]: large font, high definition, the elderly can also clearly see
  • [Slip resistant scratch resistant shell]: fine workmanship, environmental protection
  • [Dust and sweatproof]: The whole body is designed with integral silicone, anti-sweat, anti-dust and good sealing.

Good Life Remote USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System With 250 Test Strips & 30G Lancets


  • GoodLife AC300 Starter Kit comes with everything needed to start monitoring and controlling human blood glucose levels such as: 250 individually foiled, hermetically sealed test Strips, 50 individually sealed cap sterile 30G Lancets for less pain and less required blood. If the starter kit prices are compared, one realizes GoodLife AC-300 is the most innovative patented accuracy blood glucose measurement system for remote monitoring.
  • buying wow gold

  • Given so many available prices and devices, it is not clear which one to buy. To know the true cost of each measurement, price comparison should include the price of the test strips and lancets and how many measurements are needed to have +/-10% or better measurements.
  • Up to 1000 measurements can be saved on AC 300. Through USB cable the data can be transferred and saved on to a local disk, analyzed, graphed, printed. One can email results to doctors, family members or friends or anyone who needs to know.
  • To obtain more confidence in measurements, one should at least make two consecutive measurements of fresh blood each time. If the two results show more than 10% variations, additional measurements are needed until average measurement with better than 10% variation is achieved.
  • Good Life AC-300 Remote USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System can be combined with other devices to provide complete cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary monitoring system. ICU Everywhere, LLC will help you setup your home, or any outpatient and elderly care facilities with everything you need such as: Cardiovascular Heart Wave Monitoring Systems, SpO2, Weight, Temperature, and other available devices. For more information please email your inquiries to:

Healthcare Equipment inc.

New York Corporation.